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Focal Point: Tosca Terán

Scott Coish writes about the artist’s exploration of biomaterials. read article

Saidye Bronfman Award Winner: Lou Lynn
Mary-Beth Laviolette explores the sculptor’s distinguished career. read article

Celebrating The Crafts
Lera Kotsyuba highlights the artists and makers who were recognized by the Governor General awards this year. read article

The Pursuit Of An Unknown Tomorrow
Yaw Tony’s silk scarves bring together design, beauty and cultural heritage.

Playing With Fuzzy Tech Styles
Researcher and artist Lee Jones investigates how interactive textiles can be employed in craft futures.
read article

In The Absence Of The Object The pandemic changes Michael Prokopow’s research plans for a book on the British artist Hurvin Anderson.

A Robotic Embrace
Haptek Lab interviews ceramics curator Garth Johnson. read article

On Making Pottery And Cooking SoupPoetry by ceramicist Benjamin Hertwig.


Pavitra Wickramasinghe (Montréal, QC)

Wally Dion (Saskatoon, SK/NY)

SugaCayne Designs (Toronto, ON)

INQUIRIES: Michelle Jacques

The Head of Exhibitions & Collections/Chief Curator at Remai Modern shares the details of her work. read article



Studio 16.1


Managing Editor


Spring/Summer 2021

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