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Focal Point

Ray Mackie writes about Toni Losey’s new sculptural explorations.

What’s In A Name?
Returning to Indigenous names is a powerful step in decolonizing, writes Michael Prokopow.

Beauty Out Of Beastly Actions
Asia Clarke investigates the microbes and viruses that Ruth Cuthand beads as a way of preserving history.

Secret Codes
Marilyn Smulders takes a look at African Canadian quilting traditions in Nova Scotia. read article

Izzy Camilleri talks to Leopold Kowolik about her history in fashion and future in adaptive design.

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Re-Thinking Access
Writer and fibre artist Nancy Johnston speaks with disability arts organizations about their responses to the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Untitled’ and ‘Ode To Queer Black & Brown Weavers’
Poems by melannie monoceros, a Winnipeg-based poet and interdisciplinary artist.

We Can Build In Different Ways
Personal reflections from designer and educator Sheila Sampath on the value of co-creation.

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ALLELES Design Studio (Victoria, BC)

Omar Badrin (Toronto, ON)

Montserrat Duran Muntadas (Montreal, QC)



Studio 15.2


Managing Editor


Fall/Winter 2020-2021

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