Lera is an editor, art critic and art historian working across disciplines in architectural history and craft. Her writing can be found in numerous publications, including Ceramics Art + Perception, Studio Magazine, FUSION Magazine, GLASHAUS, and Urban Glass, and has also worked as a contributing writer and researcher for the Inuit Artist Database at the Inuit Art Foundation.

Lera is the Managing Editor of Studio Magazine, has previously worked for Ornamentum, edited a book by Sarah Hall entitled "A Thousand Colours", and has worked for the Inuit Artist Database as well as the Ontario Heritage Trust.




An initiative of the Inuit Art Foundation, the database highlights the contributions of historical and contemporary Inuit artists to the cultural and artistic heritage of their communities, Canada and the world through a centralized online resource. A key goal of the database is to broaden public awareness of the history of Inuit art and to connect interested researchers with artists and artworks while providing artists a supportive platform through which to showcase their CVs.