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Editors’ Note


Under the Radar
Introducing Lydia Buxton

Six makers discuss making – what does the word mean anyway?

Did You Know?
Michael Prokopow considers cultural appropriation

Review: Sarah Hall
Peter O’Brien reviews a new installation at Greenwood College School

Review: SakKijajuk
Ray Cronin reviews an exhibition in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Review: Now I Sit me Down
Peter Fleming reviews the latest Witold Rybczynski book

in Studio
We play the game with Kami Goetz


The Meeting of Matter and Meaning
Materials can have conceptual value that is absolutely physical. Mireille Peron explains.

The Whole Story
Koen Vanderstukken’s new book might be the last word on glass history. Kathy Kranias discusses Glass: Virtual, Real with him.

Digital Citizens Change Making
Erin Klassen responds to one of our Did You Know? articles.

The Marvellous Glassmaking Life of Elmer John Hookway
Heather Read takes us from the circus to insulin through a remarkable piece of Canadian history.

Hope and Survival
The December 1917 Halifax explosion is being commemorated. Grace Butland introduces the quilt project.

Making Reality
A small Toronto start-up is taking part in shaping the virtual world. We met up with Quantum Capture and had a chat.


Studio 12.2


Associate Editor


Fall/Winter 2017

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