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Lera Kotsyuba

Lera Kotsyuba (she/her) is an editor, art and architecture critic based in Tkaronto.

She is a Ukrainian immigrant and settler working on the land of the Dish With One Spoon Wampum covenant, Lera works toward shared responsibilities around the built environment, and strives for anti-capitalist systems of community.

Completing her MA in Art History with a Curatorial Studies diploma at York University, Lera has been working across disciplines in architectural history and craft. 


Lera has also worked as a contributing writer and researcher for the Inuit Artist Database at the Inuit Art Foundation. She has written for numerous publications, notably FUSION Magazine, GLASHAUS, and Urban Glass, and edited a new book by Sarah Hall entitled “A Thousand Colours”. Lera has also curated the solo show of ceramicist Kathy Kranias' work, entitled Matrilineal Hauntings in 2022, and in it's second iteration at Schneider House in 2024. 

Lera won the Young Critics Award at the 11th CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators in 2024.


Lera has been a board member of the William Morris Society since 2017, and is currently the Managing Editor of Studio Magazine.






"Review: Radical Stitch", The Journal of Modern Craft, Forthcoming 2024

"The Synagogue at Babyn Yar: There Will be Singing." Juliette Magazine, Forthcoming 2024

"What Do We Discard? Specimen by Susan Low-Beer", Exhibition Catalogue, Forthcoming 2024

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