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Focal Point

The Toronto Ink Company Jessica Sharples considers how Jason Logan dissolves Death Valley into ink.

Making Sense of the World

Michael Prokopow identifies naming as a colonial endeavour and finds hope in reclamation practises.

As If Painting The Land Were A Way of Knowing Anong Beam’s paint stones have developed a devoted following and author Kathryn Walsh Kuitenbrouwer explores the joyful process of making them. read article

Saidye Bronfman Award Winner: Anna Torma

Anna Torma’s accomplished career is reviewed by curator Sarah Quinton.

River Lot 11∞

Christine Sokaymoh Frederick and Dawn Saunders Dahl write about the history of Edmonton’s Indigenous Art Park.

The Things That We Build And Place There

Nehal El-Hadi speaks with curator, author and activist Wanda Nanibush. read excerpt


Quin Cheung (Calgary, AB.)

Ande Brown (Winnipeg, MB.)

Mathew Nuqingaq (Iqaluit, NU)

Review Essay: The Politics Of Extraction

Writer and curator Rea McNamara explores the environmental accountability demanded by artist Dana Prieto’s work.

Inquiries: Laura Lipcsei The conservator describes her work at the Royal Ontario Museum. read article



Studio 15.1


Managing Editor


Spring/Summer 2020

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